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More powerful, Intuitive & Colorful

What are your thoughts on the iPhone 5-Color?

If you’ve fallen into the rumors that the iPhone 5C is cheap, think again. You are essentially buying a more colorful iPhone 5 device, with all of Apple’s legendary iOS features and firmware how can you pass this up?

As Apple truly believes in the motto and designs all of it’s products around, this is more than just a phone it’s the Experience behind the phone. Watch this beautiful presentation on a hands on look of the new pinnacle of Apple’s flagship hardware.

You wouldn’t expect this from a plastic product..


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How To Install iOS 7 Beta For Free

If you’ve been waiting to upgrade to iOS 7 as rumors speculated that you could install the iOS 7 platform as of 9/10/13 was no pushed back until the 18th. However, if your like us and can’t wait to upgrade here’s your chance!

You can upgrade your iPhone to iOS 7 in under 5 minutes!


The iOS 7 Platform & Why you should upgrade!

“Installing iOS 7 on your phone is like getting an entirely new phone!”

  • Live Wallpapers ( Motion Tracking )
  • Gorgeous iOS Interface!
  • Notification center – Available via Lock Screen
  • Swipe Down motion to launch SpotLight
  • New & Improved Control Center Options
  • Improved Battery Life Settings ( Conserve Energy )
  • Multitask w/ All Applications via Background Cycles
  • Adapts to Network Conditions Intelligently
  • Updated Safari Browser ( Smart Searches/One tap access )
  • iCloud Keychain
  • Plus so much more!
  • iOS iPhoto’s App
  • New SiRi

For a more in depth look at the iOS 7 platform please watch this beautifully presented 30 min video hosted at Apple WWDC.

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If you’re interested in upgrading to the new iPhone 5c you can expect the model to run for an average price of $549 ( 16GB ) and $649 ( 32GB ) users interested in upgrading to 64GB will need to purchase the iPhone 5S as the 5C will not support the 64GB storage. The device will go on pre-sale September 20th.  Now if you decide to walk out with a 2 year contract you are eligible to purchase the handset for $99 to $199.

It may seem laughable to pay such a high valued price for a “Plastic iPhone.” As critics are calling the C Edition cheap, however the device is far from it! The device’s frame is only covered in plastic. The iPhone 5C’s frame is made purely out of steel, which also serves as the handsets antenna.
If your considering passing up on the iPhone 5C you may need to reconsider, for a slightly lower price you will virtually own the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5C and 5 Model are almost identical internally as the 5C will have an upgraded 8 megapixel camera, BlueTooth 4.0, and an upgraded Dual-band WiFi.

The Design & Feel

Described as “beautifully, unapologetically plastic and seamless” the iPhone 5C is more than just a plastic case, the device is much more dense and heavier than expected. Smooth, scratch resistant, glossy, shinier, smoother and thicker – makes the device hard not to want.

iPhone 5C Specs

Just in case you haven’t had a chance to give the model a closer look, you can expect the iPhone 5C to come equipped with an A6 Processor, 3X Video Zoom, improved HD Camera as stated above and coming soon, more accessible LTE world-wide coverage!

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Exciting News For China Mobile, TDD-LTE!

Timing couldn’t have been better for China Mobile users!


Apple has officially announced the iPhone 5S & 5C will be launched on TDD-LTE China Mobile’s platform. News quickly surfaced when reports of Apple hosting it’s “first ever” iPhone Media Event in China on 9/11/13. CEO Tim Cook speculates, China Mobile will play a key role for future growth to Apple’s products. Competitors such as telecom companies Samsung & Levono have been dominating China’s market recently, thus leading to Apple developing a device at a much more expendable cost. The iPhone 5C Model will be more affordable an accessible to the public. The 5C Model will integrate  familiar iOS features along with a hard plastic shell.

China Mobile will spend a budget of $41.7 billion yuan, that’s $6.7 billion in USD developing 4G technology. China Mobile has high hopes in tapping into their market of long-awaited iPhone users, though they shouldn’t have much to worry about as customers are already pre-ordering their Apple Inc. smartphones.  The Samsung and Apple beef will finally be put aside, as The U.S International Trade Commission said Wednesday 9/3/13 that the dispute against Apple, infringing on some of Samsung’s Electronic patents will be delayed. ( Patents include: iPhone, iPod Gen & iPad. ) Apple and Samsung are willing to put these allegations aside to conduct a lucrative deal in bringing Apple Inc. smartphones to China Mobiles network.

On a number of occasions Tim Cook has been said to have traveled to Beijing and talk iPhone’s with Chairman Xi Guohua, chairman of LTD Telecom. As of now, discussing profits, percentages and cuts have been the company’s main obligations. I believe it’s say to say there is too much at stake here for the companies to walk away from a deal with this much value. We believe a deal will be made that serves Apple and China Mobile along with it’s massive consumer base fairly.

In Other Important News: They Stink, They Stuck, Stay Away!

What do you think about the rise of smart watches? Many are saying they aren’t worth the outlandish price… Yet.

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The Race to Jailbreak iOS 7 Begins!

Is it possible to create such a Jailbreak that will permanently unlock all of Apple’s products?

Jailbreak Developers are eager to once again crack Apple’s beta version of iOS 7.  Jailbreak enthusiast by the name of “P0sixninja.” Know for his work contributed to the development of Redsn0w, Evasion & GreenPoison, just to name a few – has announced some big news on a boot exploit to Apple’s products. His exact words, “think bigger than jailbreak.

P0sixninja tweeted this picture earlier, proving he has jailbroken his iPad. Though, we won’t see any major improvements in jailbreaking iOS 7 until the public gets a hold of it!


At Trusted iPhone Unlocker we assume this exploit could possibly lead to the permanent jailbreak to all of Apple’s devices. We will continue to feed you more information on the iPhone’s 2013 latest news.

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First look at the New GOLD iPhone 5S!

The Next Generation iPhone is here!

If you aren’t all that excited about Apple’s release of the iPhone 5C and it’s new color schemes, the 5S Edition debuting along side of the 5c Model will definitely grasp your attention.

5S users will now experience a gold, champagne casing – Although the body remains familiar in style, you can expect a cleaner designed version from the iPhone 5 Edition. 
So what can you expect from the iPhone 5S casing? The phone’s might look like identical in comparison, they’re actually some new features to the phone that give it much more of an updated and sleek design.

It’s all about the details: Casing/Body

  • White-Glass trim pieces located at the top/bottom of the device.
  • Polished-Raw aluminum bezel
  • iPhone Logo “Thinner-Sleek” font
  • Raw Aluminum Rear shell casing

Interior Of the iPhone 5S:

By comparing the interior shells of the 5 & 5S, additional space has been added to the 5S. It seems Apple will be integrating a much beefier processor, while slimming down the form factory to upgrade the battery life.

New Gold iPhone 5S Sneak Peek:


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Highlights – Apple iPhone 5 & 5c Reviews and Rumors

The iPhone 5c Still Getting Hated On by hardcore Apple fans!Highlight Apple iPhone 5 & iPhone 5c Reviews and Rumors

Even though Apple will be launching two iPhone Models for the first time in the company’s history, fans are calling the iPhone 5c “laughable.”

KGI Analyst MingChi Kuo, one of Apple’s top insiders predicts the 5c will feature in Apple’s fall lineup – which in turn will eliminate the iPhone 5 from the lighting fast connection speed it receives through Apple’s Network. ( Though this is just the theory. ) You can expect the handset to drop around a $300 – $400$ mid-level price range.

What are the iPhone 5C hardware specs?

In terms of hardware, it will be very similar to the iPhone 5S. You will be given the famiiar

  • 4-Inch LCD display screen.
  • A resolution of 1136 x 640 px
  • Dual Core-Quad Processors
  • 1GB Of Ram
  • 8-megapx Auto-Focus camera ( LED Flash )
  • 1.2MP cam for selfies.. Horray!
  • 16, 32 or 64 Gigabytes should be present.
  • Batter life, shouldn’t be much longer than the iPhone 5.
  • iOS 7 Supported

For a more in depth look on what to expect on September 10th, please navigate towards the video posted below!

Big News for China Mobile users!

Also with other big news, TDD-LTE used by China Mobile will partner up with Apple in supporting the iPhone 5c to boost customer base overseas. I don’t think Apple’s timing could have been better in teaming up with China Mobile and it’s massive network of 740 Million Subscribers. Which is also one of Apple’s second largest markets. Apple will be able to introduce iOS 7 compatible CDMA technology.