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Unlock iPhone 4 SoftBank Japan


 iPhone 4
Finding For Unlock Solution For iPhone 4 SoftBank Japan? To use it with any network Sim card of your Choice ? So you come at right place to Unlock iPhone 4 SoftBank Japan network ..It is not a big deal ” How to Unlock iPhone 4 SoftBank Japan ” You only need to Know IMEI of Japan SoftBank iPhone 4 , Trustediphoneunlocker.com service will Permanetly Unlock iPhone 4 SoftBank Japan that allow you to use your unlocked iPhone 4 Locked to Japan SoftBank with any Sim card worldwide.

For Factory Unlock Unlock iPhone 4 SoftBank Japan , Go to http://trustediphoneunlocker.com

How To Find iPhone 4 SoftBank Japan IMEI # ?

Press *#06# on iPhone 4 SoftBank Japan keypad.


  • Settings
  • General
  • About screen
  • Scroll down and look for “IMEI”


Eject the sim tray. The IMEI will be printed on the sim tray

Note : Factory Unlock iPhone 4 SoftBank Japan is the only lifetime iPhone Unlock Solution for
Apple Japan SoftBank iPhone 4, as IMEI is registered as Unlock in
apple Database.

How to Unlock iPhone 4 SoftBank Japan ?

  • Install lastest version of iTunes- Verify that you have internet connectivity.
  • Connect phone to iTunes with not accepted SIM card
  • Wait until iTunes detects phone
  • Now disconnect the iPhone 4 SoftBank Japan and connect it after 10 seconds.Phone is unlocked.
 Congratulation Your iPhone Has been Unlocked

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22 thoughts on “Unlock iPhone 4 SoftBank Japan

  1. Hi! Is this legit? Are you sure that my phone wouldn’t be harmed or something? I’m having a second thought. Please Reply ASAP. I badly need your help coz unlocking in my country is so expensive. :'((

  2. I have an iPhone 4 from Softbank Japan. I’ve asked around about trying to have this factory unlocked and have been informed that the serial number I have is not in the list of iPhone’s that can be unlocked. I’d like to confirm this before engaging your services. The last 4 digits of my phone is XA4S.

    Appreciate a reply.


  3. oh…i have the same problem…the last 4 digit of mine is HA4S…any way to unlock it?
    pls kindly help me

  4. Hi I have Iphone4 Softbank japan. and its imei# could this be unlock in the philippines? how it took to be unlock using iTunes and how would it cost. please reply

  5. Hi I have Iphone4 Softbank japan. ended with Serial # A4S and its modem firmware 04.12.05 could this be unlock in the philippines? how it took to be unlock using iTunes and how would it cost. please reply

  6. hi can a iphone 4 64gb serial ending za4t be unlocked this way please many thanks

  7. thank u email sent

  8. hi is this legitimate?? im worried . i need to know if this really can unlock my softbank iphone 4 32gb????

  9. serial ends with a4t

  10. what about BE00 ? is it possible to unlock it ??

  11. Hi I have Iphone4 16gb Softbank japan. Pleas help me how to unlock it

  12. can i unlock A1332 iphone4 32gb softbank iphoe ?

    • Hello Dear,

      We appreciate your inquiry, as of now Softbanks network is currently down. Though, this isn’t permanent. I’d ask you follow our facebook page for updates on this! Once Softbank is up and running again we will be able to unlock your iPhone! – We guarantee safe modifying and
      carrier unlock results.

      Follow us for updates!

      *We will permanently unlock your iPhone
      *Your iOS firmware is also guaranteed to function properly ( Just don’t drop or break your phone! )

      But of course we can help, to keep your information discrete – Can you please email us via ewholesaledirect@gmail.com mailto:ewholesaledirect@gmail.com


      Ronda Mayer
      Support & Sales Admin

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